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*The Choice* starring Gerry George as Winston Churchill,
in a WWII *whistle-blower* that will blow your socks-off !

[Giacomo Costa’s poignant cinematic statement, focusing albeit with hindsight, on the indiscriminate Allied carpet-bombings of already-crippled German cities, starved of food, medical supplies, aerial defences and infrastructure - and in particular, the ancient Saxon City of Dresden - spring from the profound sensitivities of this brilliant young ex-Ealing Studios Sardinian director, whose 21st Century *Je Accuse* brings-out into the open, perhaps for the first time, the darker and undeniably-mercenary side of a war, in which he shows that the Allied lust for geld-and-global power, had more to do with its continuation, than did their quest to *lick* Hitler, while simultaneously they unleashed and further-enabled to rise of Bolshevism whose revolutionary slaughter between the years of 1918 and 1936, exceeded the wholesale murders of 80 million innocents, against the six million who died in the Nazi Holocaust.]


Actor Gerry George is seen as Leader-of-the-Opposition Mr Winston Churchill addressing honourable members at the dispatch box in the House of Commons, during the critical Yangtse Incident in 1949, when a class II frigate of the Royal Navy, “HMS Amethyst” was fired-upon by artillery and troops loyal to the then revolutionary leader Mao Tse Tung; during which time the beleaguered ship's bridge, steering-gear and engine rooms were wiped-out, seriously wounding the captain and the coxswain, plus several sailors on board.

Flying-out to Shanghai to take part in the production, during January and February, last year, Gerry was told by China's most-celebrated director, John Woo, that after this 100-episode biopic was released he would become the most famous face in China, after the late Chairman Mao, whose life and work this major biopic focuses upon.

The first episode (shown above), went out to every home in China last week, and the feedback Gerry has received since has been phenomenal, with calls for his further services in the role of Churchill, coming in from all quarters, and not least in Asia and Europe.

“This was a tremendously satisfying experience for me”, said Gerry, “my having been given a conducted-tour of the vast Shanghai Studios, which are in themselves like a scale-model of pre-war London, with trams, cinemas and coffee houses - all of them fully-functional, since this venue has a dual role as a Film Studio Theme Park -which features prominently in the Shanghai Tourist Guide, and is visited by hundreds of thousands of European visitors, every year”.

“What thrilled me the most though” said Gerry, “is that China has now taken a giant leap towards Western Democracy, and the shadow of Communist totalitarianism seems to have been blown-away with the wind-of-change, like so many lovely Lotus-blossoms  caught-up in the breath of Spring”



WWII commemorations in Stoke Museum
September 18th 2010



Churchill, by George!

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Gerry George as heard on Sunday 21st August 2009,
in the persona of wartime prime minister, Mr. Winston Churchill,
on the BBC Radio 4, FM programme, interviewed by Steve Evans.
The programme is produced and directed by Rupert Allman.






Final checks on-set, in Sardinia - and last-minute instructions from Ealing Met Film School, student-director, Giacomo Costa,34, (right, standing) - during the filming of *The Choice*, in his hometown, Cagliari. Left, a crewmember replenishes the brandy glass of Winston Churchill (Gerry George). Seated, is Michael Good, who plays Colonel Locke; an almost ethereal character who takes Winnie and his conscience to task in this controversial, yet thought-provoking anti-war movie, albeit as he was viewed by the Axis powers, and the prostrate and bombed-out peoples of Germany and Italy, by the end of WWII.





Relaxing in between scenes, in the sweltering heat of Sperlonga, on the Italian Riviera - during the shooting of veteran director Giorgio Capitani's romantic movie *Callas e Onassis*, for Lux Vide SPA pictures of Rome - is Gerry George (Churchill), with actress Elena Croce (Lady Clementine Churchill).

Gerry, who has a pivotal role in this major mini-series, intended for worldwide television, has been out there since May, and commutes on a weekly basis from his London, Ealing, home.

"It's hot work, but very rewarding, and - if nothing else - for the magnificent weather and gorgeous food" said Gerry, who will be working on the movie " and that's not to mention the elegant and beautiful Italian ladies."

Other locations for this film, which he has already visited, include the larger Riviera town Terraccina, and Viterbo, an ancient spa city, about one hour's drive out of Rome.

Next, he is off to Trieste, and thence to a mock-up of the Onassis yacht, *Cristina* cruising in the Greek Islands.

The two principal players include the beautiful Italian star Luisa Ranieri, as Callas, with major, French star, Gerrard Darmon, as Onassis.



Winston Churchill turned football referee on Friday, March 13 - or rather, Gerry George who impersonates him, did - when he visited RAF Halton, Buckinghamshire, to do his bit alongside officers and airmen, hiding their bruises while strenuously sitting-it-out in a series of hectic Crab Football knock-abouts, staged to raise funds for Red Nose Day.

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Victory at All Costs

The 2006 FIFA World Cup is upon us. Now one bond unites us all, to support England until victory is won and never surrender ourselves to failure and shame, whatever the cost and agony may be.



Gerry George & Harry Enfield

Harry Enfield, with Churchill, by George, in the banned Madasafish Broadband commercial


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OI, ENFIELD, NO! Jan 17 2005
Harry's TV ad with Churchill is banned
By Don Mackay

WATCHDOGS have banned a Harry Enfield TV ad poking fun at Sir Winston Churchill.
The 30-second commercial, featuring the comedian and Churchill lookalike actor Gerry George,
was ruled "grossly offensive".
It shows loudmouth yob Frank Doberman (Enfield) urging the "porky" wartime Prime Minister to ditch his dial-up internet connection and sign up to's broadband service. Doberman yells: "Oi Churchill! Well done for winning World War II, nice one. But if you was downloading saucy pictures of Monty from El Alamein using a dial-up connection, I'd say Oi Churchill! No!" The Broadcasting Advertising Clearance Centre decided the advert was likely to cause offence because Churchill is so widely revered. But George said: "It's crazy. Whatever happened to the British sense of humour? This smacks of the kind of totalitarian action Churchill spent his life fighting. There's no way I'd do an ad demeaning him. He's my absolute hero.
Enfield added: "It's just pathetic and smacks of censorship."
Two similar ads featuring Albert Einstein and Captain Cook were approved.

The Sun

CLASSICALLY trained actor Gerry George has always been a huge fan ofGERRY wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
He says: "Even when I was a schoolboy I used to mimic his voice and do impressions of him.
"He is a great character to play because everybody loves him. I suppose that is because he epitomises freedom.
"He was such a charismatic leader. It can even bring tears to people's eyes when they see me dressed as him."
The 66-year-old is now on location in Italy playing the great man in a film about the love affair between opera singer Maria Callas and shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis.
Gerry, who is single and lives in Ealing, West London, worked as a journalistWINSTON on several regional newspapers after completing his national service in 1960.
But he also performed as Churchill in his spare time in variety shows that was when he wasn't impersonating George Formby, the ukulele-playing comedian from the Thirties and Forties.
He says: "In 1981 I decided to pack my job in and become an actor full time because I enjoyed it so much.
"I am not just a lookalike - I also do Churchill's voice and mannerisms and recite his famous speeches."
Gerry has been in a number of films, Commercials and TV shows as his hero. He recently took part in the celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Jersey from the Nazis.

The above article appeared in "The Sun" 2nd July 2005



From Berlin to Tokyo - and Amsterdam to Marrakech - Gerry George
has shown he’s the next best thing to Winston Churchill.

As an all-round Churchill impersonator, Gerry GeorgeUntitled-1.jpg (10811 bytes) is probably one of the busiest and most
successful exponents in his field, worldwide.

He not only looks like Winston Churchill, he also talks like him, acts like him, moves like him, and writes and delivers speeches like him…and anyone could be forgiven, for – at first glance – mistaking him for the genuine article; and this goes for the voice too, which is indistinguishable from that of the great man, himself.

A RADA-trained actor, writer, director, and Churchill scholar, he has appeared in a litany Untitled-2.jpg (9682 bytes)of feature films, and documentaries, in addition to making public appearances, and lecturing on Churchill - and relating anecdotes about him - at prestige venues and expos, all over the world, during the past 30 years.

Two years ago, after making a Churchill documentary for Hitachi, Japan, he played Churchill in the Dutch four-part saga Wilhelmina – filming in the Netherlands - and later that year, flew out to Marrakech, Morocco, to address the CEOs of America, at their week-long seminar,
in Churchill’s old haunt, the Hotel Mamounia.

A year earlier, he hit the German Press in a big way, when he attended the corporate celebrations, in Berlin, to mark the production of the 100 millionth Volkswagen Beetle.

The Berliner Zeitung plastered his picture,taken in front of the Brandenburg Gate,
across five columns of their front page,
Untitled-4.jpg (9631 bytes) In May this year, he joined top actors Anthony Sher, and Leslie Phillips, in a film comedy – shot on the Isle of Man – entitled Churchill: The Hollywood Years, in which Gerry plays the older version of two Churchills.
The other is American !

A few weeks earlier, he appeared at the Museum of Steam, at Swindon, Wiltshire, where for the weekend the whole venue had been transported back to the days of the Second World War; Gerry’s job being to address the appropriately dressed visitors, and locals, as if he were Churchill, visiting a war-torn English town, at the height of the Blitz.

Gerry, 64 – the age Churchill was when he took over in 1940 - did an off-the-cuff impromptu walk-about and speech, and the local TV channels had a field day.

Untitled-3.jpg (10598 bytes)A former Army Public Information officer, and speech writer, Gerry finds it second nature to produce addresses, couched in Churchillian parlance, custom tailored to suit the needs of clients, and his topics have ranged from the Sainsbury sandwich to the Museum of Steam, in Swindon, Wiltshire; with, most recently, Gerry, as Churchill, featuring in a television commercial, pitched to promote railway excursions, in the South of England.

In October 2003 Gerry spearheaded a 600-strong, 10-kilometre run, in aid of Cancer Research UK, at Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxford (Churchill’s birthplace), when – introduced, on camera, to the current incumbent, His Grace the Duke of Marlborough, by ITN newsman Mike Rowbotham - the Marquess praised Gerry’s impersonation, noting that although Gerry is slightly shorter than was his Great Uncle, the impersonation, and the likeness, were nevertheless good.

Coincidentally, in late 1939 into 1940, Gerry spent the first few months of his life, living in a house quite close to the Palace gates, prior to his family moving North, to his late father’s regimental headquarters, at Ashton-under-Lyne, near Manchester.
He now lives in London.


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